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A personal statement is a lengthy essay and a key point in your application to any educational institution or scholarship. It's your chance to tell more about your personality and impress admission officers, so don't miss it. And in case you need some help with a personal statement, you can always ask for it at

Writing a Personal Statement

This type of academic writing has always been surrounded by a lot of pressure, since you are constantly told that your admission mainly depends on your personal statement, and this is actually true. Imagine two applicants with the same GPA and good recommendations. They will be judged by their statements, and the non-trivial one is likely to win. So, how do you create a good personal statement that will capture a reader's attention?

1. Start with a bang. Imagine you are an admission officer, and you have hundreds of personal essays to check. Even if you decently read each of them to the end, the first couple of lines will still be the most memorable part. Treat these lines as your minute of fame, your chance to be remembered, and write accordingly. But also mind that being weird does mean being original, but not in a good way.

2. Focus on your experience. Instead of writing a boring autobiography and telling the information which you have to include in the application form (your age, education, place of birth, etc.), it's better to tell about your unique experience and the situations that have shaped you as a person. Pick one or two of the most important occurrences and describe them in detail, then explain their impact on your character.

3. Don't try to appear perfect. Personal statement writing comes with a huge temptation of turning yourself into a superhero, or a perfect human being with no flaws or fears. Remember that if you write a statement praising your own perfection, you will be the only one who will like it. However, it's hard to deny that a personal statement is a kind of written advertisement. So, you need to pick your negative traits carefully, or add a paragraph where you describe how you've managed to overcome them.

4. Be short and to the point. Many students think that the more they write, the better their statement will be. Again, imagine you are an admission officer, and you have 100 personal statements to review today, and nearly half of them are longer than they are supposed to be. At some point you'll just end up hating kids that don't manage to keep their thoughts short.

5. Don't forget about the conclusion. Do you need a conclusion for a personal statement? Of course you do. Like the beginning, this part of the text is the easiest to remember—so here you have to sum everything up, and tell that you are the perfect applicant for a college or a scholarship due to the following traits of your character.

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